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Dynamic Solutions

Land Planning and Development

Land and Water Management

Building and Architecture

Modular Rooftop Building

The Module houses have roof assemblies that are easily removed and reattached, thereby eliminating costly demolition of the old roof and reconstructing a new one. The walls are built with 2 X 8” studs, and can withstand the weight of another level, if needed.

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Net Zero Energy Modular Construction

There are many variables to consider when developing a truly sustainable building development. Rather than trying to position a product or service as the ultimate solution, it is best to consider how each component integrates into the whole, and complements other designs and technologies.

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Architecture Trends and Technology

From a changing world to changing technologies, mush is set to shape the evolution of the built environment over the next decade. architects and designers give their predictions for architecture trends in the 2020’s.

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Environmental Law

Lake Erie Now Has Legal Rights To “Exist and Flourish”

These laws (the Commerce Clause, Dillons Rule, and the 14th Amendment, among others) protect corporations and their right to conduct business, even at the expense of the environment. Now, most laws still favor corporations over the environment, and ecosystems nationwide pay the price.

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