White Pine - The Sustainable Real Estate Journal

Sustainable Design Principles and Innovation,
Merging Building Technology with the Forces of Nature

Article Submissions

We are Looking for No Fluff, Comprehensive Information and Creative Solutions

Articles should be approximately 700 to 2500 words in length, although exceptions will be made to maintain perspective,
context, and integrity.

We are specifically looking for articles about creating balance with the natural world as it pertains to real estate and the built environment, including:

Innovative Property Management –
 techniques that balance
and replenish the surrounding environment, cut operating costs, increase value and create a healthier environment

Water Management
Stormwater – cost effective and sustainable flood solutions that purify stormwater while recharging aquifers, as opposed to piping contaminated water into rivers, lakes and oceans

How to create and maintain healthy lake ecosystems
without herbacides or obtrusive dredging.

Land Management How to effectively utilize the unique features of specific landscapes to enhance building performance, biologic balance, and create more wildlife habitat

Financial Analysis
Costs vs. payback analysis and overal feasibility of sustainable upgrades

New building designs that conform to surrounding landscapes as they relate to efficiency, cost reduction, ecosystem preservation, health, and water management

Land Planning and Development
Ways to make towns more economically and environmentally resilient and prosperous  

New Sustainable Building Technology/Products

Legal Rights of Ecosystems
Do ecosystems have rights to a healthy existence?
Case law upholding these rights.
How to create local government bills of rights for these systems and the local residents


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